you are who you choose to be


You are who you choose to be.

You are my misery and joy,
My pain and succour,
My weakness and strnght,
My perferct imperfection and wholeness,
My dirge and serenade,
My noise and serenity,
My folly and wit,
My curse and blessing,,
My hope and broken heart,
My nemesis and hero,
My hate and love,
My falling and rising,
My nothing and everything,
I am sorry,
You are who choose to be.


                                                                                DNA OF ANARCHY
When a child is born, there is that joy that surpasses all understanding. Though the nation was truly born and christened by Flaura Shaw  and Sir Lord Lugard in 1914, but was reclaimed by our forefathers who after strong argument with our  colonial master that the nation bore the DNA of all Nigerians and  not the white. After the appendage of the signatures of our founding fathers, the nation was defined but along tripartite path of three major ethnic groups even though its chromosomes are characterized by diverse traits of more than 250 ethnic units. The concatenation of these diverse groups into a nation by 1954 constitution came with flaws when the northern region delayed incorporating self-governance with the western and eastern regions until 1959,and the premier election in December of that year was enwrapped with ill-omen for a republic that is just born.
When the agreement was signed by our heroes past and princess Alexandra of Great Britain handed the relevant documents to Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, lest did they know they obtained the so-called ‘independence’ as a Trojan horse rather than on a platter of gold. Little did they know that the scheme established in 1960 by the consent of our white masters, if all things being equal, will collapse by 2015. Now the West is now prophet of doom, however the handwriting is on the wall. Year in and out the nation is dividing even beyond its Y-path. The once pristine instinct of nationalism is alarmingly becoming extinct.
After gruesome murder of Sir Tafawa Balewa and retaliation from the north against Aguiyi Ironsi, between 1966-1970 the political format of national coexistence was almost eroded by the tingling spirit of secessional inclination by the Igbo people who saw, in fact still see, themselves as endangered species. Pathetic, we are at the crossroad and we never know it. We found ourselves, inability to clearly define the deed of national coexistence wobbly scribbled in 1914 with clauses when the northern and southern protectorates were amalgamated by our white foster father has metamorphosed, through coups and countercoups, June 12 brouhaha, use of letter bomb against Dele Giwa, great Kano 1980 riot with about 1000 innocent lives left dead all around Kano metropolis , persistent ethnic cleansing in Jos, Boko  Haram letting loose all hell on but Muslims and Christians alike to mention a few, into a configuration far from a nationhood. The dilemma, since Chief Anthony E Enahoro moved for independence, is still persistent.
Though we came out of the civil war in 1969 ruffled but sense of secession is still earnest with us. This comes out in form of Boko Haram and MEND (although with the amnesty program of the federal government, the tension of the Niger Delta militancy is doused, although situation has evolved into act of kidnapping, which has even spread to South-East). The question is this: ‘what next struggle group will emerge even if the government is able to curtail the Boko Haram’; thanks to activities of JTF in Borno, Yobe and Adamawa state.
The worst of all is this governance structured on the legal illusion calls 1999 constitution while all institutions are all in wobbling state.
In fact on our political terrain we have built profile of discontinuity and instability through the history of irregular transition of power from military to civilians. Maybe our independence was hurriedly handed over to us. Even though South African went though apartheid, but now is reaping the benefits of their long-suffering. This is a rare-breed republic with epochs of drama of odd preceding another.
Since the start of 4th republic, maybe a respite from despotism, we have not engaged the reality of democracy in governance. Though we have wriggled free from the grip of military iron hold, only to fall into the shackle of militocracy. Our present crop of politicians treat democracy, far from the puritanical thought of the Great Abraham Lincolm, as ‘the government of the few , by the few and for the few’. The few, even since the advent of first republic, flirt with power and cycle the seat of government among themselves, their wives, children and even their concubines, their cronies, evil stooges.
History is further disappointed with the present format of democracy where good governance is out of our leaders’ dictionary of leadership. Under their flowing Agbada, these crop of politicians, find it easy to steal the state fund in Ghana-must-go while dilapidating infrastructures, failing systems, poverty and insecurity have become dividends of democracy to the electorates.
Politics has become lucrative business that even lunatics can even aspire to be legislators. No wonder the sacred floor of our honourable house has turned to wrestling arena. Quite a comedy of absurd at 9.00 pm news sometimes. How can we the masses amuse ourselves after hustling in the streets for daily breads, which often come meager, if we don’t have the like of Baba Sala, Baba Suwe, Akin and Pawpaw as honourables!
How the Ghana-must-go will be lighter to carry by them if the introduction of N5000 note by Mr. Lam Sanusi had scaled through.
So tragic Mr President could not sense in the air this monetary policy has a screwed-in grand scheme of causing hyper-inflation: prices of goods will skyrocket. How the leadership of CBN would have signed the automatic death warrant of N5, N10 and N20. Even our children will lament when their precious N5 cannot buy sweets and biscuits and N10 cheese-balls
With the population of about 70% of its people living below poverty line, below 1 dollar a day, about N150, we would begin to see dead bodies littering our streets, resulting from hunger, crime rate alarmingly increasing, the labour asking for more, our beloved men in black reviewing their ‘take’ on the highways from N20 to N50, improved recruitment of hungry and jobless youths into insurgent groups which had already polarized the north. Most of the time, the thought of crime and criminality are inspired by empty belly and frustration. Subtly insanity of the present state of the nation has crept into the psyche of the masses considering the Aluu 4 and Madu 40 as case study. In fact the malady is evident everywhere.
Our elders says if cap makes head itch, it is necessary one remove it to get fresh air. I think Mr President should remove his cap to get fresh air that he shouldn’t make the general saying among his people define the scenario that ‘there is no difference between the feeble and sick ’ even though Mr. president is mustering his power in dealing with Governor Rotimi Amechi now able to call it a bluff declaring emergency rule in some northern states.
Where there is no sense, there is no direction!
Our leaders have lost connection to intention of our heroes past for nationhood. The original content of democracy has lost its flavour, foundation is rotten from the root, corruption and injustice, profligacy of state fund sprouting out so flourishing at the withering stalk of the nation even that the so-called ICPC and EFCC are so handicapped to prune. This is indeed cancer which we have allowed to grow, even now critically growing.

  Before the doomed spiraled out in 2015 as predicted by our colonial masters, what is the way out?

1.       Let there be sovereign national conference so together we might define our future; and federal government should exercise strong will to follow the consensus from the conference.
2.       The federal government should strengthen the anti-corruption agencies to fight corruption and the judiciary support the crusade.
3.       The Nigerian constitution should be fine-tuned to allow through federalism.
4.       There should be equal participation of every tribe in the process of governance.
5.       The local governments should be strengthen to empower people with skills and vocations so everyone can add to gross domestic product e.t.c
I believe if the politicians truly serve the electorates in accordance to the rule of law, people will truly serve the nation. Later in the future we won’t have to tell our children that there was once a nation called Nigeria. If we all sit at the fence and our nation to the mercy of these politician  there wont be a nation we call our own. At least our voice can count with our vote. By 2015, lets wrong the west with our votes, and together we can ensure the consciousness of nationalism.
God bless Nigeria. God bless us all.

let the living not mourn the dead but themselves.

Dont mourn the dead but d living cos d dead is laid to motherearth in rest or to face his consequence of of life in afterlife. Yet, as decaying flesh help nature grow green 4 d spirit of  living to be fed with life.
Let the living mourn himself for ahead lies the uncertainy of life. However let the living rejoice cos with his breath there is stil hope 4 him. It is only a fool dat commit suicide at a flash of negativity of life.
But let both the living and the dead understand that there is relativity btw life and death. So, for the living, let close our eyes and sleep and pretend as if w are dead and let the dead rise from grave to feel the priviledge of life they havve lost.Maybe w can appreciate God for life and they can understand that what is lost can never be regained in the grave. Let live and live tall, my great fellows and let the dead rest in peace.