let the living not mourn the dead but themselves.

Dont mourn the dead but d living cos d dead is laid to motherearth in rest or to face his consequence of of life in afterlife. Yet, as decaying flesh help nature grow green 4 d spirit of  living to be fed with life.
Let the living mourn himself for ahead lies the uncertainy of life. However let the living rejoice cos with his breath there is stil hope 4 him. It is only a fool dat commit suicide at a flash of negativity of life.
But let both the living and the dead understand that there is relativity btw life and death. So, for the living, let close our eyes and sleep and pretend as if w are dead and let the dead rise from grave to feel the priviledge of life they havve lost.Maybe w can appreciate God for life and they can understand that what is lost can never be regained in the grave. Let live and live tall, my great fellows and let the dead rest in peace.


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