If u tarry forever I shall wait

The moment of old is very memorable. With exquisite spectrium of emotion I submit my doubt before ur feet. I stick my very life with you. I love you.
  Now you have gone for a long time, but through twilight and daybreak I have always being waiting for you. But if my faith fail and you tarry for forever believe me I will stil wait but if my longing weigh my heart down, I shal find you cos love will never let me let you go.
With you I cast away my doubt. Though you are nt there for me but ur memory, in my humble heart  I so much cherished, I nurse the hope for you bcos you are the best dat ever happened to me. Even though my doubt grows fat and my faith sway,  through seasons of loneliness and betrayal of emotion across the atlantic, even though here your children i cuddle through rain and sunshine, my love is stil true. Their cry I bear through the night with my bleary eyes, my sorrow and joy through the cold of the night I found no one to share with. I am poor and I struggle but I am happy because you are happy. The rigour of the my labour I endure to feed your children because your white children grow fat and their curly hairs shine with the ray of the summer. Please, send something for your fragile offrings here for poverty makes them sick, but if you dont I wil beg in the streets to give them megre to eat. Dont worry wil not prostitute myself even though men swoon around me because my beauty dazzle but you, my love, you snores at the lap of white lover in the foreign land, yet I love you.
The struggle is too much to bear, and your children are dying of hunger but Please, dont worry about us, we shall survive as long as we hear good report about you.
My love I devote my life to you. Even if I come in another life, you and only you, I shall marry. I love you.

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