The best way todie


Hw best to commit suicide. I hope there is bush near threshold of heaven where he go pooh, bcos by the time he reaches the throne of judgement hope his stooling will nt stall his judgement.



any social institution is only sane if all, I mean all, can stand upright before law as equal with favour or prejudice. God, the creator of even and the earth, who knows if he is black or white even though he created man to look like him. even though we are all gods walking the earth, their is no superior race nor inferior. Again, either negro or caucasian, the chinese or the indian, the mongolians or the zulus, we are equal beforenthe supreme law. I salute the faiths of all freedom fighters. l salute the faith of the little girl, Ruby Bridges. by courage she brigded the gap between the white and coloured.