Men, feel like women sometimes

To ensure harmony at home, act like a woman but feel like a man sometimes. Turn blind eyes to ur spouses’ shortcomings sometimes and love her with blind eyes and be deaf rumours. Care for her even if u think she doesnt worth it. Love and never ask back. Sometimes betray ur ego and cuddle her. Yet all these do not diminish ur manhood.
Barnes and Noble:



On my bended knees I confess this ancient feeling
While this itch within is keen
Lo, I submit my affection before your feet
The passion earnest within I bear
While withal my greatest doubt into the the air I cast
‘Cos in this emotion love knows no bound
And with the spirit of old in your ardour I am refreshed
With vanity and vigour the walk of life never bore
Your heart, pure and true, in travail and confort you bear
My love, not just with the moment at hand
Is unconditionally yours

As I flip through my pages of life
Through dusk and dawn,
Though with rigour under the sun and solace of the starry sky
I do admire the reflection of you I behold as in the mirror
And now that the impulse of unseasonal expression even with crispy harmattan I feel
During test of the moment and trials of old
Through the frequencies of errors
Yet by unforgotten myth I still hold to even a mite of hope
Through crest of reality and trough of fantansy
Even when the rain falls while the sun shines,
My love, not just with the moment at hand
Is unconditionally yours

With the symphony of your speech I find harmony in my humble breast
Where desire held tight to my heart is pristine in this blosoming seasons
While through storms, I rest my head in the ardour of your bosom
‘Cos  in the ease of your heartbeat I find my long lost peace
My love, not just with the moment at hand
Is unconditionally yours.


Barnes and Noble:


Social freedom for all

Evry man has right to decide his behavioural pattern but I dont believe we should sacrifise our social values and moral system for absolute social freedom. This is the philosophy of life:NOTHING IS RIGHT WHEN ABSOLUTE. Even the best of freedom has constraint. Therefore that is why the world is loosed and this generation is lost. I am simply sory for next generation.

Barnes and Noble:


Our dreams are limited by reality but with by it we inspire our reality. So if you must dream, u must live your dream. However if by dawn night is not yet over, then at noon we waked into life through morning we have been been idle with by poverty, and by evening if all oir shorcomimgs arw not mended with strain of the sun and sweat,every hope dim with the dusk.