with one heart and voice,
for the freedom our heroes past were slained
on the battle ground for one nation
and one people shall not fail
but unfolding events will not make our faith to faint
because believe it or not
this nation is both our fortune and fate,
this is a great nation

we are bound within this terrestial landscape by one God
the creator of universe and earth
who understand our diverse tribes and tongues, creeds and faiths
though the cord of love is broken,
yet this is a great nation

we used to be a family who rise up at dawn
to see the sunrise at the Savannah
though lips might be chapped by Harmattan
Yet our sights are not blurred blazing sun to behold new day after new day
and splash of hope of  Benue River
and beauty of sunshine twinkles on the free flowing Niger River
by which the nation first called Nigeria by Shaw
with the dazzling golden waters of the creeks
the mirror of misfortune and wealth niched in the south
but our leaders, so pathetic, fatten
and makes a lazy nation fight its own with idle hands
yet this is a great nation

let uphold the unity of the nation
because it owes us promises
our founding fathers saw
as they fought side by side
wounded some might be
but without considering tribe or faith
bore one another  wounds on their shoulders
As they bore the nation in their heart
only with one purpose
onthe same course along which are fallen heroes
a path to justice with faith they sacrifice their blood to trudge
for all, so one from north or south, central or at the fringe, west or east
might have a nation he calls HIS OWN
this is a great nation

united we shall stand and defend this territory
because we are the CHANGE thie NATION needs.
I love you all.
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