He had been living with wrong version of a woman he had ever dreamt of. Even though, Simbi fitted the description of the right  version but the only fate he had was the ring in his ring-finger, the same kind his wife shared with him.
The idea of cheating on her was now keen than ever, as Simbi was also ready to be his mistress regardless of the fact she being  a second fiddle.
Simbi, exquisite beauty, has passed the threshold under which, whom, single guys would die to have,  the phase where her ravishing beauty would make a man raise arm against another with even slight share of  jelousy. Her curve, so alluring, could make a man steadfast standing to fall. Her rocking behind and swaying front behind her blouse, were fate of men of faith. How could brother cling to his devout faith with a slight sight of her curve.
Through the years of youthfulness, pride  had seived the right men from her life,  and all that was left  men who were devoted to the thought of having sex with her. Nevertherless, Bade was a respite.  He was top on her list of men who trail her because what was behind her, round and supple, were more than lust, now derailing men for momentary pleasure.
At least, Bade was real. He had told her he was going to divorce his wife for her. He told her his wrong version of wife, whom he was never derailed to tie conjugal  knot with, was having multiple affairs. She needed to wait as he was still consulting with his lawyer before he file divorce. At least, she needed to play a second fiddle for now… http://www.truthattwilight.com


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