As it was colder, as he held her, her body against his, he felt the warmth he had not had in years. In the warmth of her embrace there was a taste of freedom. There was nothing to hide from her again. As long as her presence last, forever it shall, he would never be incarcerated again because true love set  one free.
With the humbleness in her eyes, the comeliness of her face, the gentleness of her speech, the warmth of her sigh and the emotion that comes with her touch, he would fight to be free with his last breath if his adversaries come for him again. He was ready to bathe in the battle sweat or if be it his enemy blade plung into him, as long he never slip from that embrace. How best to feel the power of love if not ready to die for it! What is tomorrow without today with someone to share tomorrow with? Where is joy where there is no love?

from the manuscript LONG JOURNEY TO FREEDOM