Sometimes love don’t come the way you want it to come. Most of the time it doesn’t meet your expectations because sometimes we look away from truth while we embrace glamour and are caressed by infatuation. Love is germane and most of the time is not beautiful at first sight but only the fake that glimmers at the first sight and fade away in a twinkle of an eye. That thing that glitters most of the time are often buried raw in the ground, only can be found be serious men. You are a precious lady. Your man, who truly loves you, has to dig for you and care for you. Because no matter how small gold is, who will let it slips off him? Remember true love is hard to come by. You will not understand until you have married that man for some years and see if the romance of youth he still allows to kindle in his heart. However before it is too late, so you wouldn’t look back and blame God for the beauty of youth He endows you with, think beyond the glamour and face truth squarely. However if you don’t humble yourself your beauty will mutate to curse. And besides, physical appearance can only last till old age and for women, in some cases, after child birth but true beauty is in the heart which never fades. When love is genuine, even death will find it hard to do you apart.
Please, when love is blind doom might be lurking at a corner. Love can only be blind if we close our eyes to faults of our partners and cuddles with affection which most likely effervescent. Please, shine your eyes. Ask yourself, if you can commit your dreams and aspiration to him and share the rest of your life with him with the budding truth staring at you in the face. And also ask yourself if it is his money that attracts you to him or her beauty that makes your heart skip; or he himself or her.
True love is beyond look and material possession but about the heart. If everything fails, true heart doesn’t fail. If you must look for anything in your man or lady, if you must love, don’t judge by the present condition but look beyond your nose. Your best man might be around and you may not see. So don’t look; see. I wish you the best of love. I hope my love capsule has done you good. I love you. Happy VALENTINE.

By Olubowale Johnson


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