This Is Love

If u appreciate my effort,however little it may be;if you held me close in your arms, even wen I least need you; when you carry me in ur back when I am not worthy of you; if u bear my burden even though more heavy than you ever imagined before you say ‘Yes’; when you mop my tears when I stray away, and care for me even though sometimes I let you down. Heaven don’t need to tell me, I know ‘That Is Love ‘ . You are an Heaven-sent, and the message is Clear ‘Love Is Good.’  I LOVE YOU ALL.


You Are Handsome.


Not until you look that you see. The true picture of yourself is first inside before the world can see. The way u see urself is the way the world will see you. So I call you ‘Handsome’ and ‘Beauty’ but it is left for u to believe or not to believe, but I believe in you. I Love you.

Strong Hope

Our pursuit of happiness Can sometimes be found in a faith in, even, a little thing and dream in bigger things, living out our purpose even future looks bleak, trying to break barriers even though seeds of our honest labour tears and sweat broken from our tauted brow seems would not sprout in the sweltering heat of living. There is Hope for the Living.

Assurance of Hope

It is hopeful ignorance to think a stagnant water will never stench or for a dead leaf dream of sunshine of growth, history without story, success without trying, Dawn without cock crow…only that there is sanity in ideal of CHANGE if only we make a move. How would you hope for rain, however drizzle it might be in iota of faith, from long draught without buying an umbrella. Hope is only in trying, and not in folding of arms or wishing the mountain to move towards us without daring the mountain. Your future is not Just in the dawn but dream of sunshine. I love you all